January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

2012.... a new year, with a new year comes new year's resolutions. This year, Ryan and I have decided to write our own separate lists and post them on the refrigerator, so we look at them every day. This will, hopefully, be a constant reminder of our goals for the year... <3


Here is my list:

1. Last Christmas,  my dad got me Rosetta Stone French, and it has sat there for a year straight, not touched. This year I vow to brush up on my french, so I can add it to my resume... who am I kidding... it's just so I can say (truthfully) that I speak french... le sigh... 4 years of french and I wish I was more fluent.
2. Take Beau to the dog park/outside, more often. He spends 70% of his life in our condo... he needs more exercise, he is getting way too lazy, like his mom ;-)
3. We thought about moving at the end of our lease, but have since decided  to stay in place, another year. With that I vow to (or more like Ryan and I vow) to actually decorate our condo, or finish decorating (and I will even post pictures on here). This is also combined with organizing... everything.
4. I would like to start being outside more. So, this is more like a couple resolutions in one. I want to golf more, ride bikes more and start going for hikes, this also can combine with #2
5.Read more books, classics and new.
6. Travel more. Whether this is spending the day up in Carlsbad, the week on the east coast, or a month in Europe, I want to travel more. I especially want to discover more in my own backyard, San Diego.
7. Be on top of things during the wedding planning process.So far so good, but I don't want to be behind or stressed when it comes to planning. This should be a fun and exciting process, not stressful.
8. Be better with my money. Not only am I getting married and we are combining our finances, but we are saving for a wedding, a house and our future, and going to Kate Spade and dropping some cash, because I am bored, really doesn't help (even if they are having a sample sale).
9. Expand my cooking/food horizons, and eating better. I am the epitome of a junk foodie. I love me some In-N-Out and Mexican food, sodas...yes, cookies... yes please... and right now I am slender and in great health, regardless of my diet, but I am afraid that won't last very long. So I vow to get healthier and start cooking more. This also refers back to #8, if I don't spend as much money on junk food, I can save. ;-)

Finally... last but not least...
10. BLOG more! I work in property management with a wonderful company and while I enjoy my job, I need a creative outlet, and I know this will really give me that.

What are your resolutions? Any tips for me?

Dani xoxo