January 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Proposal

I figured I would start off my first official Wedding Wednesday, with the beginning, or "The Proposal" (which also happens to be one of my favorite movies). I also thought that was a pretty good picture to kick off today. That was Ryan and I circa June 2005, almost a year after we started dating, in high school. Now, I won't go into detail on how we met, or our courtship because, well it's long, complicated and most of you know the story by now (if you don't that's too bad for you, its a pretty interesting story). For those of you who don't know, Ryan and I have been dating since summer of 2004, and have been together since (off and on the first year, but straight on since), so for those of you that suck at math, that would put us at 7 1/2 years, and a little over 8 years on our wedding day. We are also High School Sweethearts and technically College sweethearts, however we did not go to the same college, just moved to the same city together and went to schools on the opposite side of the county from each other. Well, after we both graduated college, moved in together and adopted the cutest dog in the world... Beau

Yes, he knows he's cute, we have had him for almost a year and we are both completely smitten with him. Anyways, back to the story... after all that we knew, our parents knew and everyone with half a brain knew it was time for the next step, only Ryan thought it would be fun to drag me a long and wait to propose. Only his story was he wanted to "save money", excuses excuses, he just thought it was fun to play with me ;-). ANYWAYS... every time there was a perfect moment for a proposal, Ryan would get down on one knee and say "Babe, will you... hold this for me while I tie my shoe" or something lame like that, leaving me completely stunned and pretty pissed off, but he just laughed and laughed and laughed. This was not a one time occurance either, it was more like a once a month thing for, oh lets say a year and a half, so I was pretty immune to it by month 6.

So, one evening (October 2, 2011) we decided it was date night. It had been a long time since we had gone out and decided to get Sushi at our favorite restaurant in Downtown La Jolla (Clue 1. Our old stomping grounds, and we hardly ever go up there). Well at dinner he kept talking about how he wanted to go look at rings again, how he hasn't quite found the perfect one and wanted my opinion, completely killing all hope with me that THAT was the night. So we had dinner, and went to grab coffee so we could watch the sunset down in the cove. Well ryan was pretty pushy "We have to get there before sunset" (Clue 2. Uh DUH, lol). I just rolled my eyes and was like, ok ok.

(beautiful right)
So, we get down there and he goes "Man, this would be the PERFECT place and time to propose" and that was that, I said, "Well, that blows all my hopes of it happening tonight" and we both started laughing, so he turns to me and gets on one knee and says, "Babe will you... hold my drink while I tie my shoe" again, completely stunned and pissed. He just got up, laughed and kissed me. So we started walking and stopped and looked over the ocean. We then saw a small out cove with a bench around the corner that we walked over to and sat down. Ryan then looks at me and starts mumbling about how much he loves me and cares for me and was so excited to start our lives together, and next thing I know he is down on one knee hand in pocket getting out his sunglass case, all i could say was, "Babe, STOP this is embarrassing people are looking and they think your proposing" and next thing I know ryan has this beautiful, 1carat princess cut solitare in his hand asking me to marry him. I was a little stunned at first and Ryan had to kind of nudge me and ask again and I finally caught back up to reality and I said yes! We sat there and hugged and kissed and I just couldn't believe after so long it had finally happened. Everyone around us then started clapping and congratulating us, and we realized we had an audience.

We were really lucky and the lady sitting next to us documented the whole thing with pictures, and a few weeks later she sent us the photos on a disc. Not everyone is lucky enough for that to happen and we were incredibly lucky how amazing she and her family were when it happened. That night was pretty magical and a night I will never forget.

And, who can forget a shot of the gorgeous ring (in which I had a photo shoot with weeks later, as to get the perfect photo, and the photo still does not do it justice!)


 *All images are personal

Now, the planning and fun begins!!

Dani xoxo