January 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: VENUE!

Today's topic... VENUE! 

Ryan and I are on a pretty strict budget. While my parents are wonderful enough to be paying for a majority of it, we have vowed to save as much money and pay for as much of it as we can. With that, we knew keeping under budget would be tough. Especially when the average price of a wedding in San Diego is about $25,000 and that's being frugal. With a strict budget and an expensive city, comes giving up some things. All we knew was that we wanted something outside, beautiful, rustic and elegant in a venue.

Since before I could remember I have been reading wedding blogs, and I stumbled onto a gorgeous venue a few months before Ryan proposed. The Rancho Guajome Adobe. It was beautiful, rustic and perfect for what we could ever want. AND... it was the perfect price! After our engagement, Ryan and I went up to visit and as soon as we stepped out of the car, we just knew this was our venue, Even after only looking at one other venue. We knew for the price and location, nothing else could be better. So may I introduce... our venue...



What do you think? The pictures don't even do it justice, and with help from our friends and family, I know it will turn out perfect!

Dani xoxo