February 7, 2012

Randy To The Rescue!

I am so sorry about being MIA yesterday, I had one of the most awesome, yet most exhausting weekends! I couldn't even go into work, I had a migraine and every body part hurt! But, boy was it worth it! What was I doing you ask? Oh just hanging out with this guy...

Yea, that's right, me and Randy are BFF's... well maybe not BFF's but I did get to assist him in picking out a wedding gown for the most amazing bride this past weekend! How did I get to do that? Well I used to work at this wonderful bridal salon here in San Diego, called Here Comes The Bride, and they were contacted to be the Bridal Store to participate with Randy on his his new show, Randy to the Rescue, which was filming in San Diego. So, my old manager asked me if I wanted to be a consultant and of course I said yes!

 Saturday we went back to back all day with about 20 brides helping them find their perfect dress (although most of them were ONLY there to meet Randy, some were not even engaged!) but I did have a few lovely brides who were interested in our help, and I ended up selling a beautiful lace Jim Hjlem beauty to a gorgeous bride, watch the show for her! Then on Sunday, I had a one on one appointment as Randy's "consultant" and helped the cutest ex-marine find the perfect princess dress for her vow renewal.

It was the chance of a lifetime and something I will remember for the rest of my life, however that was the end of my short lived TV career, as I just cannot do it! There is wayyyyy too much waiting around and it's tiring!! Please watch out for me and the rest of the consultants this summer when the show airs!!

How was your weekend? Anyone watch the Superbowl?

P.S. Yesterday was the 8 month left mark until our wedding!!

Dani xoxo