February 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Gowns

Since, I talked about my "TV" stint with Randy yesterday, I thought I should keep with the trend and talk about wedding gowns today! (*Disclaimer: I most likely will not post a picture of my dress, the few of you have seen it are the lucky ones, everyone else will have to wait until after the wedding! All dresses I post will all be on models, no personal pictures, so someone, coughcoughRYANxcoughcough, doesn't peak.)

Working in bridal, I knew from day one what I wanted: A-line, strapless, sweetheart neckline, and hit at my natural waist, here were the contenders...

 Priscilla of Boston "Maeve" (POB no longer in business, sad day)

And the two dresses, I was almost 100% positive one was mine...

"Audrey" by Alyne

I tried on many dresses, and if I posted them all I would be here for a while, so these are just my top dresses that I loved and could have been possible contenders, and then I found "the one". I could go on and on about how perfect she is for me, and I will. :-) I wanted a-line , sweetheart neck, nipped at my waist, classic but with a modern twist that gave it something special, and of course the crowning glory, a bow tops it all off. That is exactly what I got. It's also a dress I never thought I would be able to afford, but thanks to the lovely ladies at Here Comes the Bride, I got everything and more.

I am so excited for Ryan to see me in it on my wedding day, and I am excited for everyone else to see it!

Did anyone know what they wanted when they went shopping? How many dresses did it take for you to find, "the one"?

Dani xoxo