February 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Registry

This evening, Ryan and I are going to something at Macy's called the Sip and Scan. I am pretty excited, seeing as we haven't started anything in regards to our registry. Although, we have lived together for 3 years this summer, we still have straggler's from our college days following us, and amidst our few "grown-up household objects", we could use some upgrades. I chose Macy's for one main reason, it's easily accessible to most (ok all) of our guests and it's quality products for not very high prices, and DUH, they sell Martha Stewart! There are a few things I have not found at Macy's the I like, so chances are, we will be registering at one other place to even out the playing field. :-)

Here are a few things I am lusting over for our house...


I could go on and on... but I will stop here. Did you do anything cool when registering? Register for anything unique?

Dani xoxo