December 18, 2012

Coat Obsession

With winter just around the corner (and Christmas!) my obsession for coats is starting to kick in.

Now,  I could understand this if I lived in a place that was -20 all winter, but San Diego BARELY hits 40, so it's a pretty silly obsession. I have to talk myself out of at least 5 coats every winter.

However, one of my wonderful birthday gifts was a gift card to target (Thanks, Bobby!), and while I could use it on practical things, I like to use my gift cards on fun things and not toothpaste.

While perusing Target, with my hubs the other day, I realized I was in coat heaven.
This time, the hubs had to talk me out of one, even though I had a gift card.

But, they are sooooo pretty.

 Comes in Blue too!


Happy Tuesday, lovelies!