February 16, 2013

Turning a talent into a brand

I am slightly obsessed with the word "brand". Which, I feel is the #1 thing you need to do when you first start your business.

While I know I can plan a killer wedding or event, I need to show people I can, but I would also like to attach that to a wicked awesome brand... i.e. logo and website. So, I am slowly making my way there and starting with a logo and color palette.

I found this uber talented lady on Etsy and decided she was too great not to work with. So, I reached out and told her my plan and was so happy to hear that she was totally excited to work with me on this!

It all starts out with color inspiration....

Add in a little logo inspiration...

So... what have we learned today? Danielle has a small obsession with the color navy blue, bows and the word "Branding". 

I am so excited to start working on turning this small idea into a full blown brand and business and to reveal the new Classically Lovely Events.

Have a lovely weekend!
Dani xoxo