March 6, 2013

Decorating our new home...

So, I am going to finally let the cat out of the bag... Ryan and I are in escrow on our first home! Eeeeek! I have kept this secret for about 2 weeks now, since I don't consider it official until we have the keys in our hands. But, I am having a hard time keeping quiet.

I have been slightly obsessed with home decorating lately and all the fun I get to have once we officially close. If you follow me on pinterest, you will notice it has been taken over by home decor... I make no apologies! ;-)

Some inspiration, I am dying to replicate...

And with the launch of my new business venture, I am lusting over my new home office. 
Even though I will have to share it with my hubby, I am pretty sure I will win slightly, 
since after all, I will use the office more than him.

This is a good compromise, right?

or maybe I can just go all out...

  I am pretty sure this screams Classically Lovely Events.

I will post pictures of our house once we close and it's official. 
Until then, you get to wait in suspense... <3