May 28, 2013

So you're engaged... now what?

One of my best friend in the world, just got engaged this past weekend! And it got me thinking about "What's Next"? I started to think about when I was first engaged and how overwhelming it was the first few weeks. Everyone asking questions and trying to let it all sink in, it can be very overwhelming.

So, I put together my top 5 lists of things to do, now that you are engaged. I hope this helps a few of you who are slightly overwhelmed with all the excitement.

1. Enjoy the evening (or day) after he has popped the question. I know the first thing I wanted to do was call my mom, and luckily my fiance stopped me and said, let's just enjoy this moment and we will call family and friends afterwards. It was so great to just enjoy the moment and be with the person you love.

2. Before you make the big "Social Media" announcement, make sure you call all of your family and friends that you know would be upset if they found out via Facebook, prior to your social media announcement. You don't want Grandma getting upset that's how she found out (btw, your grandma is awesome if she is on facebook).

3. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY your time being engaged (ATLEAST a week or two, longer if necessary)! This will be one of the shortest relationships status' of your life. Unless you are planning a wedding in 3 months, there is absolutely no need to rush into any kind of planning, and anyone else who tells you other wise, you can send them my way and I will take care of them! ;-)

4. Start compiling all your information for a wedding. Take an hour to sit down and discuss logistics with your fiancé. How long will your engagement be? What time of the year would you like? How many guests? Nothing has to be set in stone, but give yourself a general timeline. This will make decisions much easier to make and make the planning process 1000x easier. Also start a pinterest board, to keep track of all of your ideas! or if you are old school, go buy a planning organizer to help you with the process

and finally...


5. I don't say this for the sole reason that I am a wedding planner, I say it because a wedding planner will keep you sane. Sure your aunt and cousins may be awesome party throwers, but they won't save your butt when the food vendor you hired skipped town with your deposit and who wants their family working on their big day anyways? Not only do they have awesome relationships with vendors and can save you money, but they will be your right hand lady (or man) during the entire process and save you from turning into the awful B word... bridezilla, duh!

Happy Engagement and Happy Planning!